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CollectiveProject is an architecture and design studio founded in Bangalore, India in 2013. Our investigations occur at multiple scales; from objects and interiors to residential and institutional buildings. Current work includes private residences, residential interiors, hospitality and institutional projects across South India.

As a studio, our work is process driven — combining spatial narratives, landscape, and materials to create projects that are responsive and carefully considered. Our approach is open and fluid — drawing inspiration from site, culture, environment and technology. 

CollectiveProject is Cyrus Patell, Eliza Higgins, Saniya Jejani, Sheejal Shetty, Neha Harish, Lisa Therese, Kushal NH, Muskan Gupta, Raadhya Patwari, Neha Abraham, Anoushka Mittal, Aditya Setalvand, Aditi Kamble, Paridhi Gindodiya, Parikshit Kalavadia, Ditya Bharadwaj, Amrit Nagpal, Kaushik Ram, Chanikya Gupta Nidamanuri, Neha P John, Velu G, Sindhu Kumar, Pavan S, Usha M, Gowramma